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Boys Camp- May 29 - June 1     Girls Camp- June 26 - June 29

Coaching Georgia's future stars since 2000!

 Located on Georgia Tech's campus in midtown Atlanta


"Being from Birmingham, Alabama, we wanted to try something new and this camp did not disappoint."

"My son has been coming to this camp for the past 4 years. He started off as a day camper which turned into overnight. He always comes home tired and with a smile on his face. Great camp and great staff."

This camp is specifically designed for players, both boys and girls, who are looking for well-rounded clinical instruction tailored for all levels of experience. The staff will conduct three daily sessions as well as be available to campers for personalized instruction before and after each session. Even beginner players are welcome to the camp. We routinely have numerous first timer players attend our camps. Campers will be divided into three divisions based on age and experience. 

Goalie Performance School- Part of the regular Camp in both boy's and girl's sessions

The Goalie Performance School (GPS) at GT Lacrosse Camps provides a highly focused and instructional curriculum. Our staff, headed by Goalie Coach Rob Lyng (Harvard Goalie & Captain; 1993-97), is composed of prior and current college lacrosse goalies. The GPS is integrated into the larger camp structure so that players receive the benefit of both goalie development, as well as, the full field experience.

There are 3 sessions a day, and goalies come and work with the goalie staff prior to each session. Instruction for the three sessions is broken down as follows:

1st Session – Save Fundamentals: Each day begins with a focus on the save fundamentals, with specific focus on mechanics and muscle memory. Topics covered include: athletic body fundamentals, body positioning, and the seven save motions. We recognize that many local youth programs do not have dedicated goalie coaches, so we provide various drills that goalies are able to execute either individually or with a parent that will advance their skills.

2nd Session – Situational Shooting: This session advances beyond the mechanics of making saves and looks at the various situations goalies face during live-action or game situations. During these sessions we impart information that helps goalies understand the various situations they will face, as well as give them strategies handle them. Topics covered include: wing shots, sweep dodges, feeds from behind, unsettled situations and stuffs (shots from crease).

3rd Session -  Live Action (Game) Application: As you can image there is a large gap between learning a new concept and applying it. Therefore, our goalie staff is solely dedicated to the goalies, so that that they are able to be behind the goals during the games session and help the goalies apply what they have just learned.

In addition to this, we hold a goalie only session prior to the official start of the full field camp. This allows us to have a little extra time with the goalies to work with them before they are thrown into goal with live shooters. This session is held during the morning of the start of camp, while the rest of the camp is still registering. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to hear more about our GPS program for goalies. If you want a reference, no problem! We can put you in touch with several prior goalies and their families. 

Join us this summer as we provide a fun filled camp experience and knowledgeable staff to teach the game to your young lacrosse fan. We are one of the longest running pure instructional based camps in the Southeast and we are excited to have the chance to work with your child. The GT Lacrosse Camp is designed and programmed to focus on the teaching and improvement of the individual and team skills necessary to achieve a players ultimate lacrosse goals.